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06. Photographic returns, another look at the lens

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Discovering how photographic returns show us a new view of the world through the lens, we will take a journey through time. Together with experts and passionate photographers, we analyse how the classic and the modern intersect to create a fascinating labyrinth of possibilities.


During the episode, we take a look at the latest trends in lenses, asking whether a return to the classics is just nostalgia or a chance to discover new perspectives in photography. Do lenses from the past still have something to say in today's digital world?


Our guests will share their thoughts on the use of classic lenses in the age of modern digital cameras, and talk about their experiences with photographic returns. Can tradition and innovation coexist to create something unique in the field of photography?


Get ready for a journey through photographic histories and new insights into lenses, where going back to the roots means not only returning to tradition, but also seeking inspiration in the field of photography.


27 March 2024

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